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Since our inception, REDD Network has been totally
focused on building competencies creatively.

For over 10 years we have served the  Retail, Hospitals, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical,  IT, Travel & Transport, Micro Finance, Education Industries.


We have reached over 1, 00,000 people through training programs, lectures and other interventions in a span of over 10 years.

We partner with the organisations and individuals we train.  With unconditional positive regard, we work with you to inspire your talented workforce and nudge them to showcase their competency.

Post Pandemic we have moved our sessions almost completely online and have trained and inspired over 5, 000 individuals.


REDD Facilitators across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad have diverse experience in business management & have been inspired to teach out of passion for people & businesses.  


The team is led by Aparna, an alumnus of XLRI with a corporate experience in designing & implementing world-class processes.


We start every program with a discussion with key stakeholders – managers, participants & HR - which leads us to custom create solutions that will work.  This also helps us innovate & offer solutions that meet the needs of our stakeholders.


Our passion for learning & development has also led us to create content that works.  Our delivery ensures that our participants can  experiment & implement learnings in the classroom & immediately at work.


Aparna Ponnappa


With over 20 years of leadership experience Aparna brings passion and deep expertise in designing and implementing learning initiatives.  A deep believer in transformational and facilitative interactions, Aparna gives you an edge and inspiration to bring your best self to work and life through her coaching interactions. 

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