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Learning Journeys


We offer Learning Journeys in broadly 3 areas, however we can customise to meet your specific requirements.

1.  First-Line Managers

Ranging from a 2-day program to a 3 to 6 month learning journey we provide a variety of solutions.  Do reach us for a custom program and leverage the true-power of your first-line managers.  Broadly the journey has 3 tracks - Managing Self | Managing Team | Managing Corporate Collaborations.

Over the last 10 years of REDD we have conducted over 500 learning journeys for young and first-time leaders in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare industries and have helped individuals transform leadership practice.

2.  Women and the Workplace

Ranging from a 90 minute session to a 3 to 6 month learning journey we provide range of programs for entry-level, first-time managers and mid-level women leaders, including one-on-one coaching that works on super powering the career.

Together We Succeed

We also have a full range of custom initiatives for mixed audiences that help create a conducive environment for women to thrive and succeed at the workplace. 


We address bias, the business reasons to include women and work our way through impacting women at work through the three pillars - attracting talent, enabling workplace success, growing careers through our programs for leaders - ranging from hiring to first-line managers.

3.  Corporate Competencies

Like every great and professional organisation you probably have invested in articulating your core competencies as well as functional competencies.  The secret sauce that makes your employees and teams succeed in a unique and differentiated manner.

We decode and create learning interventions that take the competencies out of your documents and into the behavioural DNA of your team-members.  We create case, activity and game based learning interventions that bring the competencies alive in observable behaviour and we use Kirkpatrick's levels to ensure that the behaviours are sticky. 


We help implement your vision for competent employees through our approach on breaking down the Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit required to enable your team members.

Custom Programs


We understand your challenges as an L&D or Business Leader in exciting your employees about learning.  At the same time our passion and diversity in experience and exposure has led us to create spectacular learning initiatives.

We have incorporated art, performance, theatre to create customised programs that have wowed audiences and inspired 1000s.

From using Bharatnatyam to teach core management lessons on innovation and the life-cycle of a leader to creating custom videos role-modelling the right behaviours with seasoned actors.

Explore a wide range of custom services:

Expert Talks.  Inspiring Speakers.  Creative and Uplifting Videos and Learning Campaigns.  Performances.  Celebrity Talks. Theatre Productions.  Experiential Learning Interventions.

Executive Coaching


Many of our learning facilitators are also certified coaches and use in their practice a huge range of tools and assessments.  Find a combination that suits your organisation - from MBTI to Hogan's Certified ICF Coaches that can help create a differential edge for your team members.

We have a whole range of Coaching services, from a one-time conversation to a year-long partnership, select from pure coaches to mentors from the REDD Network family.

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